Honduras casinos, gambling and pari-mutuel

Honduras is a popular destination for tourists and has three casinos that are situated in three cities. While it has fewer casinos as compared to many other places, it is still a destination that casino lovers can visit and experience.

Honduras Casinos

Honduras has three casinos that are located in the three cities of La Ceiba, San Pedro and Tegucigalpa. While La Ceiba has only one casino, it is the best and is quite exclusive. It is the Barcelo Palma Real Beach resort and casino. However it has no gaming machines. Besides this casino, the city also has two slot machines and five table games. The largest casino in the Honduras is the Hotel Copantl Sula & Casino Copantl which has a total of 8 table games and 20 gaming and slot machines. This is located in San Pedro and has ten gaming machines dedicated to Blackjack and Roulette. Tegucigalpa has one casino called the Honduras Maya Hotel & Casino Real. While it has no specific gaming machines, it does offer American roulette, baccarat, blackjack and Caribbean stud poker.

Honduras Gambling

Gambling is quite prevalent in Honduras, though casinos are few. However these are well visited by tourists. Besides these, there are various low key and low profile gambling joints that are a regular jaunt for the locals. As these are often not legalized, it may not be a good idea for tourists to visit these places. This is so because the atmosphere at the joints may be bad or at times they may be rigged. As such, no listed pari-mutuel facilities in the form of dog racing, horse racing and betting are available. However many are suggesting the option to introduce legalized lotteries, the proceeds of which could go to purposes like upliftment of the lower strata of society or educational purposes.

Honduras Poker

Poker is well played and enjoyed in most parts of Honduras, both by men and women. While some casinos do offer it, most do not mention it. However the Tegucigalpa does offer Caribbean stud poker. Besides the listed poker rooms, Honduras does offer poker rooms that are not listed, but may not be a bad try. However tourists need to be wary before attending such poker rooms and must enquire about the standards of these places from the locals.

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